College Life

College is a unique time in your life. You are free to create your own schedule, travel, explore the world, participate in sporting events, concerts, and other activities. Oh, and go to class!

At The Mount Church, we are excited to be a part of your life while you are living in the Clemson area. We know that college is a busy time, but also a time when God can move in mighty ways. We would love to share your spiritual journey as you experience life in Clemson, SC.

As a church we wondered, “What does a college student need from the local church?” So we put together a think tank of local students and got to work. Below is a list of the ideas we have established so far. We hope you will be patient and flexible with us as we try to meet your needs in a more personal and real way.

Mission Opportunities for College Students
Even though you may not realize it now, college provides you with a unique gift – TIME. A time to serve and to be served, that can only happen during this stage of your life, before jobs, marriage, children, and other aspects of life get in the way. If you would like to find out more ways that you can participate in serving others during the school year and during the summer please see the following links.

North American Missions

International Missions

Opportunities through Cru

Opportunities through BCM

Campus Affiliations