Who's the Man!? In Praise of Providence and Humility Pills

Brian Mahon - 8/8/2021


Call to worship: Psalm 3

Text: Esther 6

Sermon Outline:

  1. A seed flowered, 6:1-3
  2. A switch of fortunes, 6:4-11
  3. A sure fall, 6:12-14


Discussion Questions:

  1. Read Esther 6.
  2. In relationship to 6:1-3, go back and read 2:19-23. We called that a fortuitous seed. Here, it flowers. In what ways do you see the providential hand of God in this scene? In the moment, perhaps Mordecai regretted the king's snub. How about now? Does he even know that his life was on the line? Have you thought about God's preserving providence in your life, even beyond your knowing? Have you ever thought how a sleepless night can change the course of history---or be used of God to advance His eternal plan?
  3. In what ways have you seen seemingly insignificant circumstances turn into major pivot points in your life and eternity? Can you name some of them? Can you think of how relatively normal events and actions have been used by God to do His great things in the book of Esther? How should that change how we view the details of our day to day?
  4. In 6:4-11, why has Haman arrived? Why has the king had insomnia? Who does Haman think the king is referring to as 'the man whom the king delights to honor'? To whom is the king referring? By the counsel he gives the king, what can we discern Haman is really after? What's the great reversal in the story? What's the lesson depict? Think along the lines of Luke 18:14b. In what ways are you seeking to cultivate humility? How does the Gospel aid our vital efforts? In terms of future judgment, can anything be drawn from 'the enemy of the Jews' falling beneath the exalted Jewish man?
  5. In 6:12-14, how does Haman respond to this lesson in humility? How is his mourning different from that of the Jewish people? How has this trip home been significantly different from his trip in chapter 5? He has a window into reality here. Does he use it or shut it? What do Haman's wife and friends know that he's refused to acknowledge? Can you defeat God? Will God's people be defeated ultimately? Is there a way for the enemies of God to be reconciled to Him? How do these last few questions address our hearts and lives when it comes to sharing the hope of Jesus? How do these verses comfort us in a world that despises followers of Jesus?
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