Behold, the Lamb of God: John's Testimony About Jesus

Brian Mahon - 10/3/2021


Call to worship: Isaiah 40:6-11

Text: John 1:18-34

Sermon Outline:

  1. What John says about himself, 1:19-28.
    • Who he isn't, 1:19-21.
    • Who he is, 1:22-23. And therefore:
    • What he isn't, 1:24-28.
  2. What John says about his Lord, Jesus, 1:29-34.
    • He's the sin-bearing Lamb of God, 1:29.
    • He's the flesh-wearing Word of God, 1:30-31 (ref. 1:15).
    • He's the life-sharing Son of God, 1:32-34.
  3. What John says to us: behold Jesus!


Discussion Questions:
  1. Read 1:19-34.
  2. Who do the representatives of the religious leaders (the Pharisees) ask John if he is? How does John respond to those inquiries? Why is it important to know who you are not, as well as who you are? Why is it important to know that you are not Christ? Who does John say he is? From where does his self-disclosure come originally? (1:19-23)
  3. How do the Pharisaical representatives respond to John's self-disclosed identity? Why is their response less than good? Why are they concerned about John's baptizing? Why does John baptize? Of what does John confess himself unworthy? Why is that? How should that also shape all our service for Christ? Why do you think John cried out 'in the wilderness' but baptized 'across the Jordan'? Why is John not doing this in, say, Jerusalem? (1:24-28)
  4. What is John's testimony about Jesus? (1:29-34)
  5. What is John's call with respect to Jesus as he testifies about Him? What's the imperative? Is simply beholding Jesus' Person and Work practical? Transformational? Is there anything more important than seeing Jesus as God sees Him-that is, truly? (1:29)
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