Rivers of Living Water: Jesus, the Hope of Israel

George Marshall - 5/1/2022


Call to worship: Psalm 63:1-8

Text: John 7:37-52


As the festival reaches its conclusion, Jesus offers living water to the weary. This reminder of God's care for his people, and his repeated promises of restoration, is met with mixed reaction. All seem to see it for the claim that it is. But it will take more than the word of God to convince some that they are in the presence of their judge and king.

Sermon Outline:

  1. The nation's hope, vv.37-39
    • Longing, v.37
    • Living, v.38
    • Looking, v.39
  2. The people's hope, vv.40-44
  3. A Pharisee's hope, vv.45-52


Discussion Questions:

  1. Read John 7:37-52.
  2. How do Jesus' words in vv.37-38 point the crowds to God's promise of restoration for Israel (see Ezekiel 36-37 for two different pictures). How does verse 39 clarify Jesus' words? How is Jesus compared to Moses in these verses?
  3. What two figures do the people suggest Jesus might be (vv.40-42)? How are those figures similar and/or different (see Deuteronomy 18:15-22 and Ezekiel 34)? What do Jesus' words say about his understanding of his role and mission? Why do some wish to arrest him (vv.43-44)?
  4. What divisions do we see among the "rulers" in Israel (vv. 45-49)? Why do the Pharisees respond to Jesus and/or his teaching so negatively? What is the Pharisees' opinion of Jesus and the people?
  5. What do you make of Nicodemus? What is he suggesting when he asks if they can "judge a man without first giving him a hearing?" (v.51) What have the Pharisees accused Jesus of to this point in John's gospel? What does the response of the Pharisees (v.52) indicate about their hearts?
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