I Am the Light of the World: Jesus Divine Addressing Darkness Blind, Part 1

Brian Mahon - 5/8/2022


Call to worship: Isaiah 49:1-7

Text: John 8:12-30


At the apex of the feast, a feast of lights featuring Messianic hope, Jesus declares that He is the Light of the world. He invites the crowds to follow Him, to partake in the Light of Life. The Pharisees, standing opposed to this Light, state their opinion and, by it, their obstinance to the truth of God they claim to singularly uphold. They begin by calling Him errant (and arrogant), question things (again) He's already made plain, avoid the subject of their sin altogether, and prove (per usual) to be darkened in their understanding, devoid of spiritual Light and Life. Jesus, perfectly patient, alights their darkness all along the way, reasserting the truth of His testimony, the reasons they cannot receive it, the eternal danger in which they find themselves and, yet, the Way of escape. God comes into focus in Christ, and Christ comes into focus at the cross. He shines most radiantly in that darkest hour as the divine Christ, the Savior of sinners. Many heard this and believed, but is it authentic faith? Pausing there, are we, like John, burning and shining lamps for Jesus? Are we walking in the light? Are we His stars in the darkened firmament of this world? Are we visible followers of Jesus?

Sermon Outline:

  1. Jesus as the Light of the world. (8:12)
  2. The Light of the world addressing manifest darkness in people. (8:13-29)
    • His testimony is divine truth. (8:13-18)
    • Our problem is blind unbelief. (8:19-24)
    • God's solution is the cross of Christ. (8:25-29)
  3. People believing in Jesus. (8:30)


Discussion Questions:

  1. Read John 8:12-30.
  2. Return to 7:40-52. How does it pick up in and connect to 8:12? What Old Testament passages come to mind under this notion of the light of the world? What does the phrase mean as applied to a single person, namely, Jesus? What action does Jesus invite people to take upon it? As people do, what is the result?
  3. Standing opposite the Light of the world, we have the Pharisees. Never a good stance! How do they first oppose Jesus? Where does their opposition actually reveal about them? And how does it give Jesus a platform to further teach what it means for Him to be the Light of the world? What does He teach in 8:14-18?
  4. In 8:19-24, it seems to me that Jesus is given opportunity to shed light on their spiritual problem---why they continue to reject His testimony. What does He say about them? What is their problem? What does it mean to 'die in your sin'? Does Jesus provide them with any hope of salvation? If so, what is it (8:24)? What specifically are they to believe?
  5. In 8:25-29, how do they receive His light? How does Jesus respond to their shock at what He's said, particularly that their only hope of salvation from sin is faith in Him as . . . God? As they continue to prove spiritually darkened, Jesus speaks to the greatest light upon His Person? What is it? And how will it serve to undergird the truth about Him? In 8:30, many believed in Him upon hearing these things. We will be made to ask, 'is that faith authentic?' But for now, let us ask, 'how are we proving that our own faith is authentic?' Taking the text in total, how might we know?
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