I Am the Light of the World: Jesus Divine Addressing Darkness Blind, Part 3

Brian Mahon - 5/22/2022


Call to worship: Isaiah 45:20-25

Text: John 8:48-59


Those who had believed Jesus don't take kindly to His Word. They insult Him to spare themselves. If they only knew where His Word would land! Jesus leaves His vindication and exaltation to the Father. God seeks the glory of Jesus---and He's the judge. Thus, it is critical to honor Jesus by keeping His Word and, with that, comes the added bonus of victory over sin and death and hell. True faith in Christ Who provides that victory, that is, is manifest in an adhesive allegiance to Him. Is He then greater than Abraham and the prophets, they ask? In a word: yes! By far. In fact, Abraham saw His day and rejoiced. And how could that be, seeing Jesus was a young man? Well, before Abraham was, Jesus is. He is God the Word made flesh. They don't miss the point. Sadly, they want to kill Him for it, but because the supreme manifestation of His Person necessitated the cross, Jesus is able to get away unharmed. The real issue, however, is what to make of those stony hearts from which God incarnate flees. They are sinners. And He, as God, is the only Savior. May we take solace in Him, even as we labor to bring such hearts to the Light of the world.

Sermon Outline:

  1. God seeks the glory of the God-honoring Jesus. (8:48-50)
  2. Eternal life thus belongs to anyone who keeps the Word of Jesus. (8:51-56)
  3. Jesus is God our Savior; don't drive Him away. (8:57-59)

Memory passage: John 8:58

Benediction: Titus 3:3-7


Discussion Questions:

  1. Read John 8:48-59.
  2. In 8:48, why might the 'believers' now call Jesus a demon-possessed Samaritan? What does that communicate in terms of how they now view Jesus in relationship to their Judaism? Coming out of the previous section, have you ever thought how satan will cover his tracks by make Jesus 'the devil'? How does Jesus respond? What's really at issue between Him and them? What are each claiming?
  3. What's the implication, in 8:50, that God seeks Jesus' glory---and He is the Judge? How does that address Jesus' current audience and how they are responding to Jesus? With this in mind, how does Jesus' assertion in 8:51 relate to the one in 8:50? Why must they 'keep His Word'? And what is the benefit for anyone who does?
  4. Are they persuaded (8:52)? What is their line of reasoning in 8:52-53? Do you think that they think that what they said could be right and Jesus not be wrong? How can that possibly be? And why is it that they cannot discern this spiritually (8:54-55)? Why do you think Jesus makes a return to Abraham (8:56)? What has been their rock throughout the dialogue? What has Jesus contended? What does He state here? Consider 8:39-41.
  5. What so boggles them according to 8:57? How does Jesus answer their astonishment? What does He clearly mean to teach in 8:58? (Note: they clearly understand Him to mean He is God, and He clearly does not try to correct any potential misunderstanding. How does this give us assurance against some false understandings of Jesus?) How do they show they've caught His drift? In the wider context of John 8, what does it mean that Jesus is God the Son? Consider where this will come clearest according to 8:28. Who can save from God? And if our Savior is God, what comforts should we take from it? How shouldn't a soul respond to the great I Am?
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