I Am the Resurrection and the Life: Do You Believe This?, Part 3

Brian Mahon - 9/25/2022


Call to worship: Psalm 2

Text: John 11:45-12:10


How has the resurrection power of Jesus impacted us? How should it? Are those at all at odds? Or is there a growing agreement and similarity between the things we profess and the lives we live? In these verses, John frames for us the death of Life (Christ), how His resurrection power impacted Him and those who saw no reason to believe in Him. In the process, God's given us much to consider about Christ's death and what it centrally means---about His work, His cross, His Person. John then moves to help us consider a right response to it all, how we should take pure delight in the Life that would go on to die for us. The model of delight (and devotion) is given in Mary. Her devotion is challenged by a 'disciple.' In taking her side, Jesus makes a profound and unique statement about Himself, as well as what should then be, as seen in Lazarus, at the center of our lives. No cost is too great for spreading the worth of Christ. Do we believe this?

Sermon Outline:

  1. Framing the death of Life. (11:45-57)
    • Jesus died because He did raise the dead.
    • Jesus died because unbelief demanded it.
    • Jesus died because God yet ordained it.
  2. Delighting in the Life that would die. (12:1-11)
    • An example: Mary.
    • A challenge: Judas.
    • A cost: Lazarus.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Read John 11:45-12:10.
  2. How would you respond to Jesus raising the dead? How did the eyewitnesses respond? Did anybody deny what Jesus had done? Given 11:47-50, can you surmise why, for these folks, Jesus' resurrection power produced still more enmity in them instead of faith in Him? What commitments do people have, do we have, that serve as obstacles to repentance and faith in Jesus?
  3. How does Caiaphas respond? What does John comment about Caiaphas' words? What did Caiaphas mean by them? What did God mean by them? What, in the latter vein, is the death of Jesus about? What does it achieve? How does Jesus respond to the knowledge of the leaders' plans? How does the plan to kill Jesus coincide with the Passover?
  4. Entering chapter 12, we've reached the final week of Jesus' life. The rest of John is mostly about a week of time in the history of the world---an all-critical week. What does Jesus do? What happens at this dinner in Bethany? What does Mary's activity depict? Who challenges her? What's the challenge to her worship? Should we care about relieving the poor? Is there anything more important than that? What's at the heart of true worship? Is religious activity a sure sign of grace in the heart?
  5. Is Jesus worth whatever it costs to spread His fame? How does our last look at Lazarus address this? What might delight in Jesus cost us? Have we thought of delighting in Jesus in this light? What reasons do they have for delighting in Jesus? What reasons do we have? Is Jesus the Life of life to us? How should His resurrection power make us bold for Him?
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