To Keep You From Falling Away

Jonathan Rollins - 11/20/2022


Call to worship: Lamentations 3:55-66

Text: John 15:18-16:15


Having just encouraged the 11 disciples with the hope of his return and the promise of the Holy Spirit and commanding them to abide in him, Jesus forewarns his disciples that their lives are about to get a lot harder. As he wraps up this final discourse just hours before his betrayal, he reminds them that true disciples are missional disciples. And the world, ruled by Satan, hates true disciples. They want them silenced by all means necessary. Jesus warns the 11, and us of this and gives true, missional disciples hope of being forewarned and a promised Helper to endure all that the world can hurl in its hatred.

Sermon Outline

  1. Jesus' Stated Purpose – To Keep You From Falling (16:1-4a)
  2. Hatred from the world (15:18-25)
    • Of us (15:18-19)
    • Of Jesus (15:20-25)
  3. Hope of the Helper (15:26-27)
    • His witness (15:26)
    • Our witness (15:27)
  4. Mission of the Helper (16:4b-11)
    • To us (16:4b-7)
    • To the world (16:8-11)
  5. Heart of the Helper (16:12-15)
    • To guide us (16:12-13)
    • To glorify Jesus (16:14-15)


Discussion Questions

  1. Read John 15:18-16:15
  2. In 16:1, what is Jesus' stated purpose for telling his disciples these hard truths? What does he mean by “falling away?” Can a true disciple fall completely away? Why would he provide such a warning immediately following last week’s section?
  3. In 15:18-25, why does the world hate us? Who did it hate before us? Jesus in 15:19, gives an extra reason why the world hates us. Why would being chosen by Jesus be a reason for hatred? How does his choosing affect us in relation to the world?
  4. How does Jesus expect his servants to be treated (15:20)? On whose account will this hatred come? Should we in our endeavors to be more Christ-like expect to be treated any differently than he was? How does Jesus coming, speaking, and his works impact the world? Did they have sin before he came? How has his presence increased their guilt? By hating Jesus, who does the world by default also hate?
  5. In 16:2, Jesus promises more than just hatred. Who do persecutors think they are helping? What does Jesus say about their service? See John 8:42-44.
  6. In 16:6, Jesus says that what has filled their hearts? How does that correlate to John 14? Why is it to our advantage for Jesus to have returned to the Father? What role does he fill in 16:8-11? Is it the Christians responsibility to convict? How do our responsibilities dovetail with that of the Helper (see also 15:26-27)?
  7. To what will the Spirit guide believers? Whose authority does he speak on? Who else spoke not on his own authority (John 8:38, 15:15)? Based on 16:15 and 15:26, how does the Holy Spirit operate? Do the members of the trinity act independently of one another?
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