That in Me You May Have Peace

Brian Mahon - 11/27/2022


Call to worship: Isaiah 66:7-14

Text: John 16:16-33


Though Jesus is departing, His disciples will be left in a world that, by nature, despises them and their community of love. They will have tribulation, but the call is to take heart, and lean into the peace they have in Him. In this section, that heartening peace is found in four Christ-centered realities: His counsel for the confused, His surety for the sorrowing, His props for the praying, His triumph for the trembling. In these things, the Christian community is settled inwardly to press forward in this pressuring world for the good of souls and the glory of Jesus.

Sermon Outline:

That we might have heartening peace in Christ, He gives:

  1. His counsel for the confused. (16:16-19)
  2. His surety for the sorrowing. (16:20-23)
  3. His props for the praying. (16:24-28)
  4. His triumph for the trembling. (16:29-33)


Discussion Questions:

  1. Read John 16:16-33.
  2. What is Jesus' stated purpose in 16:33? What is the main theme of this passage? What role does depth and conviction of understanding the words of Jesus play in our living with Christian peace in this world? As you look at 16:16-19, what does John clearly seem to want to communicate about the disciples? What's the process of moving from confusion to the heartening peace that comes on the wings of conviction? How does Jesus show them great mercy here?
  3. In 16:20-23, Jesus gives more clarity on the cross and the current situation. What does the world think about it? What do the disciples think about it? Are either correct? How does Jesus clarify? What illustration does He give? What assurance is meaning to give to His disciples? Is the work of Christ, applied to His people, a thing that can ever be destroyed, stolen, or retracted? How does this give us a heartening peace in Jesus?
  4. In 16:24-28, Jesus moves into some words about prayer. We should probably note how frequently the matter of prayer has come up in this section of John and Jesus' teaching. Do we pray? What props does Jesus give to the praying disciple? Can you see His generous heart, His devotion to our joy, His reassurance about the Father's love? How does this enable us to take heart in Him amid so many troubles?
  5. In 16:29-33, the disciples say true things that overestimate the strength of their faith and ability in the moment. How does Jesus respond? How does He labor to relocate their strength in Him? What's the good news that He gives (what will be) trembling disciples? If He has overcome the world, what can the world (ultimately) do to us? How does that afford His peace to our hearts?
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